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How Social Media Marketing differs from Traditional Marketing?

When you want to start developing a strategy to market your business, you look for various marketing tactics in order to determine which one is right and how it help to succeed. A good marketing mix is necessary for any business to succeed. Traditional marketing is a way back marketing strategy used. It’s time of Social Media Marketing.

Nowadays, digital marketing makes the step ahead in the marketing industry. Traditional marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) has some goals in common. Both marketing strategies draws customers or clients attention and also increases brand awareness in the market.

How different traditional marketing and social media marketing

Traditional marketing strategies involves TV, newspaper, radio as well as magazines whereas SMM is an online marketing strategy which mainly focuses on gaining traffic through various social media channels.

In terms of traditional marketing versus SMM, traditional marketing is one way that is ‘brand to customer’ and there is no engaging with customer. In SMM, it is ‘brand to customer’, ‘customer to brand’ and ‘customer to customer’. This type of marketing is very helpful, engaging and promotes your brand mouth to mouth.

The main advantage of social media marketing is, you can get immediate response and feedback whatever you shared about your brand or service or product. So that you can get an idea that how many are interested in your services and how many are not.

Social media networks acts as main factors for online marketing platform which allows you to engage and work consistently with your customers or clients. This often takes place through comments, threads, feedbacks, reviews, shares and promotions. You can build a powerful engagement with your clients through online which is not possible in traditional marketing.


Why SMM is important?

By far social media networks has become the most influential and critical virtual space. These are not only used for social networking but also to advertise your brand digitally in addition to your products.

The power of SMM is increasing commendably day-by-day to reach significant number of customers within mere seconds of posting ads. It assists you in reducing cost, reaching more audience and allowing them to reach us easily.


Hence incorporating social media marketing tactics for your business will help to grow in sales and increase in ROI. Moreover it gives you well-rounded approach to reach the right audience and be on top in the market. We provide various SMM strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more to reach your brand to significant audience.

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