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Adepts HMS services specializes in bringing customized solutions to cater to the diverse requirements of Hospitals, Physician groups, Billing operations, EMS Providers, and Credentialing & employee details.

Digitally transform your hospital by having descriptive dashboards. Clinical dashboard for treatments, Revenue and material management dashboard for billing/accounting, Operational dashboards for bed management and laboratory registrations, plenty other dashboard’s to have an aerial view on the hospital’s operation.

Digitization in the Healthcare Sector has been bolstered over the past few years with the advent of numerous challenges imposed upon Hospitals & Healthcare Providers. Issues such as advancing patient care, and rising costs for quality care have hampered the Healthcare Sector.

Adepts HMS services offers end to end hospital operational services to improve our client’s and partner’s  overall financial health. Our skilled workforce, continuous improvement models, strategic quality control mechanism, and integrated analytics enable our clients to achieve and sustain their improved revenues at a lower operative cost.


Out-Patient Management

In-Patient Management


 Pharmacy Management

EHR(Electronic Health Record)

 Inventory Management


Operation Theater Management

Work Force Management

Communication Management

Connected Care

Out Patient Management (OPM)

With our OPD Module, one login can manage hospitals, and clinic chains  of any size across multiple geographical locations. Enhance transparency, streamline workflows, and increase patient engagement through communication management.

Inpatient Management (IPD Module)

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Inpatient management refers to the coordination and supervision of healthcare services provided to patients admitted to a hospital or healthcare facility. Adepts understands the complexities involved in inpatient management. 

We leverage technology to streamline workflows and automate routine tasks, reducing manual errors and increasing operational efficiency. Efficient inpatient management leads to enhanced patient care and safety. By optimizing workflows, reducing errors, and improving communication, Adepts enables healthcare providers to deliver timely, accurate, and personalized care to patients.


We offer full order management, smart notifications, a phlebotomy app, analytics, detailed reports, and credit settlement services. In India, our laboratory information management systems(LIMS) can be used to automate processes and eliminates inaccuracies.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management software like Adepts helps manage sales, financial data, and distribution for pharmacies in India. Pharmacists can use the software throughout the entire pharmacy lifecycle,  from the front to the back office.

EHR(Electronic Health Record)

Flexible EHR Platform integrated with our Hospital Management software in India to suit the needs of your practice and your specialty. Providers will find our platform efficient, flexible, and convenient, regardless of whether you practice general medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, obstetrics, or pediatrics.

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